The importance of the home garden

The importance of the home garden is not only in highlighting the beauty of the home, providing shade, and softening the atmosphere. Rather, the garden represents what is of the highest value and importance for every home, regardless of its size. This is what we at seek to spread and clarify the importance of designing home gardens that meet technical and engineering standards. But as a beginning, we need to know What is a garden?

What is a home garden?

A home garden, in its simplest definition, is a horizontal or vertical space that is allocated artistically and aesthetically to achieve the benefits of a home garden by planting it with diverse plant cover that suits the space, location, and intensity of lighting.

Home garden benefits and disadvantages

The benefits of a home garden are a set of tasks and advantages that you get when coordinating and designing home garden decor. The presence of a home garden achieves a set of benefits that the garden works to provide in your home and for your family. These are the functional aspects of the garden, which are considered the basics of coordinating and designing home garden decorations. Benefits of a home garden As follows:

Benefits of home gardens

Technical and engineering benefits for home gardens

There are a number of benefits and features of home gardens, and whether your home garden is large or small, there is a professional garden designer who can exploit his engineering skills in design and his experience in plants, their characteristics and heights to design a home garden plan that achieves sound insulation for your home by blocking the noise coming from the street, and the garden also provides Thermal insulation for your home is as follows.

Comfort, privacy, and tranquility come at a price, and they cost a lot, whether away from noise or using sound insulation materials, and the home garden works as a natural sound insulator only, of course, if a garden landscaping plan is designed that adopts the basics and systems of sound insulation, and this is done through the locations, sizes, and heights of the planting beds as well as the trees. Its density, height, and planting locations, which must be taken into account during design and discussed with the architect and professional garden designer.

Thermal insulation represents one of the most important benefits of the home garden, as the vegetation in the garden contributes to providing shade, which represents a natural barrier against the blazing sunlight. The process of photosynthesis of plants in the garden also works to soften the surrounding atmosphere. What must be taken into account while designing the home garden plan is employment. Optimization of the garden to achieve the best possible thermal insulation, which will be directly reflected in the value of electricity bill consumption and air conditioning maintenance expenses.

Financial benefits of a home garden

Whether you are about to buy or sell a house, there is no doubt that the presence of a garden increases its value. It does not matter if the garden is large or small, just having a garden that is carefully designed and taken care of increases the value of the house.

A garden is a garden, and diversity in the formation and coordination of plants in it is considered a necessity, and allocating part of the garden to growing vegetables, fruits, and local crops is considered one of the best behaviors that should be taken care of. Home garden vegetables and fruits are fresh, healthy, without chemicals, and also free. We advise you at when designing a plan. Your home garden: Request that a suitable space be allocated in the garden to grow vegetables and fruits.

Physical and psychological benefits of a home garden

Your own oxygen plant for your home

Plants are the oxygen factory for the earth, and your garden, with its diversity of plants, is your own factory. It also reduces heat, soothes the atmosphere around the house, and gives a gentle breeze and refreshing air. Taking care of coordinating home gardens that contain plants that purify the air, while distributing them correctly inside and outside the house, provides air. Clean at home.

Exercise and children's area

Digging, plowing, weed trimming, and other tasks related to taking care of your garden are enough sports activities to maintain your health, and allocating a space for children to play adds fun and happiness to their day.

Exposure to sunlight

Taking care of the garden keeps you in nature and the open air for a sufficient period of time and exposes your body to sunlight, which stimulates the body’s systems to produce vitamin D. The garden is a haven for children to play and the elderly to enjoy nature and the sun, which is what doctors recommend for children and the elderly.

Mental and psychological health

Unlike sports and sunlight, mental and psychological health is positively affected by the presence of a home garden. In Japan, there is a famous phrase (shinrin-yoku), which is translated (green bathing) in reference to the benefits of spending time in the garden. Research and studies have also confirmed the effect of nature on anxiety, depression, and good stress management. .

The most beautiful home garden

The interest of homeowners and plant lovers was not limited to landscaping their home gardens, but they were also interested in competing for beauty, to the point that many governments and municipalities around the world launched a competition for the most beautiful home garden. It is worth noting here that the municipality of Abu Dhabi, the municipality of Dubai, Al Ain, and also in Qatar and several Arab cities periodically launch a competition. The most beautiful home garden, and then plant lovers will notice the development in people’s interest in having the most beautiful home garden.

Since beauty is relative, if you are looking for the most beautiful home garden, you must adopt the principle of visual nutrition by watching a group of the most beautiful home gardens in the world, and this is what we have prepared for you at, where you will find at the bottom of the page a video showing the best 80 ideas for landscaping the modern home garden, we hope. You can find inspiration in it through 80 home gardens with pictures, but our advice to our dear readers is to pay attention to having the best home garden in which beauty is achieved with optimal functional use.

The best home garden

Quite simply, the best home garden is the one in which functional use is achieved by providing carefully designed plant cover to achieve sound and heat insulation and provide a suitable climate while adding a touch of natural beauty to your home. This is what we will work to provide all the necessary information and tools for you to get the best home garden.

We will mention the types of home gardens, how to coordinate the best home garden, how to choose house plants, and finally how to care for home gardens.

Types of home gardens

Types of home gardens can be divided into two types:

  • Indoor home gardens.
  • Outdoor home gardens.

There is no doubt that outdoor gardens will require a garden designer, a home landscaping company, or a nursery to implement the garden landscaping plan. Also, using the services of designing an indoor home garden plan will save you a lot of time and effort, as indoor home gardens pose a great challenge for beginners, in terms of choosing an idea. The appropriate garden, its location and area, the quality of available lighting, and therefore the quality of plants.

To help you choose the best ideas for indoor home gardens, we will show you the 6 most important basic ideas for landscaping indoor home gardens that can be designed to fit all spaces. It is also possible to combine more than one idea for landscaping a home garden that suits your home.

6 basic ideas for home gardens

In fact, it is not possible to specify a specific number of home garden ideas, as there is no limit to renewable ideas, but all human ideas and experiences can be exploited in implementing your home garden, regardless of the space you have.

  In order to facilitate the creation of your own garden, we have collected for you a group of 6 basic ideas for home gardens that are suitable for all homes and all spaces, as follows:

1- Kitchen garden

The kitchen garden is called a vegetable garden by some, and in general, growing vegetables at home is considered one of the best home gardens that you can have. Aside from saving money, eating fresh, chemical-free vegetables and fruits from your own garden that you care for yourself is a great pleasure that many do not realize. Also, do you have Baby doesn't eat vegetables? A vegetable garden will change children's tastes and make them love fresh foods by growing vegetables and fruits at home.

Tips for growing vegetables at home

  • You should start knowing which vegetables and fruits grow well in your area.
  • Learn about the appropriate conditions for each variety (amount of irrigation, light, soil, and space).
  • Focus on the most expensive items that are most suitable for the conditions and spaces that can be provided in your home.

If you do not have an outdoor space, a vegetable garden can be arranged and planted on the roof or in the balcony. Plants such as dill, parsley, rosemary, and sage grow well in front of balconies and windows.

2- Container Gardens

Container gardens are one of the most common home gardens. They are known as planters, planters, or anvils, and they may be of the type intended for planting or of reused pots and barrels.

Container gardens are very suitable for residential apartments and homes that do not have designated garden spaces, other than that they add an aesthetic touch to outdoor gardens as well.

Pot garden tips

  1. Start by choosing flowers, plants or vegetables that are suitable for planting in your geographical area.
  2. Choose the appropriate location and support for each plant based on its need for light and space.
  3. Harmony and repetition of plant pots in more than one place adds a touch of beauty and elegance to your home.

1- What is the best home garden?

The best home garden is one that is designed by a landscape engineer who is an expert in exploiting the appropriate plant cover for the garden to achieve the optimal functional use of the garden by isolating sound and heat and providing privacy along with the rest of the uses and benefits mentioned above.

2- What is the easiest home garden?

The easiest home garden that can be implemented in your home is the one that contains plants that grow easily in your geographical area and do not require a lot of care.

What is a smart home garden?

The smart home garden is one of the innovative ideas from the traditional container garden, which are small units placed inside the house that provide lighting and irrigation for the plants as needed and can be linked to the phone via a special application.