The arrangement and elegance of the house is clear evidence of its owner’s taste in choosing furniture and furnishings, with distinctive harmony and matching of colors that contribute to bringing psychological comfort and tranquility to the owners of the house and its visitors. The appearance of the paints on the wall, their colors and quality remain with us for a long period of time, and therefore in the event that the paint is peeled and damaged then it becomes... The shape of the wall is uncomfortable, so you must choose the highest quality wall paints that will last as long as possible.

But it is better to know all types of home paints so that you can choose the appropriate one for your home, and in Aqar Feed we will explain the most important types of modern wall paints with pictures:

Types of modern paints according to the material from which they are made:

Water based paints:

It is one of the most important types of water-based paints and the easiest to handle, due to its flexibility during easy cleaning and quick drying.

It is of high quality, resistant to cracking, does not rot, and maintains its colors over time.


Unlike the method of painting walls with oil, which lasts for a long time, moisture also affects it, causing it to crack due to exposure to water.

Types of wall paints

Velvet paints:

It is the best type of modern paint because of its elegant appearance mixed with luxury and sophistication, giving a crystal and pearly look to the walls.

It is characterized by being long-lasting and easy to clean, in addition to being an environmentally friendly, non-flammable paint, and is available in a variety of attractive colors.

Epoxy paints:

It is one of the most commonly used types of paints for painting walls, but care must be taken when using it, because it dries quickly within a period not exceeding an hour.


It changes color when exposed to light continuously, from white to yellowish.

Lime paints:

It is one of the cheapest and oldest types of paint, as it uses completely hydrated limestone, after which the walls are sprayed and then painted with a brush.


While their colors are specific and change color when the lime dries. In addition to the fact that it contaminates clothes and hands when touching the wall due to its lack of stability.

Oil paints:

As it is the oldest paint ever and the most resistant to moisture, with its ability not to be affected by water, and therefore it is still used in painting surfaces as well as wood while maintaining its position. Because it gives beauty and shine to the walls and an unparalleled soft texture.


It is considered one of the dangerous oil paints because it has a strong smell and does not go away easily because it does not dry quickly.

– It has a bad effect on people with allergies.

– It changes color when exposed to the sun, with the possibility of yellowing of the paint

– Their prices are high compared to plastic paints.

Types of wall paints

Plastic paints:

It is one of the most widely used paints because it is easy to apply to walls and dries quickly, in addition to the ability to clean it easily and its odor disappears once the place is ventilated. It is also not affected by moisture and water. Its prices are cheap and come in many colors. It is distinguished by the presence of three types:

– Glossy plastic paint

- Semi-gloss plastic paint

– Matte plastic paint


It cannot withstand moisture for a long time, and it cannot be used to paint wooden surfaces.

Types of wall paints

Ordinary paint:

It is the most common and cheapest among other paints. It can be used for bedrooms, especially children's rooms, as well as the kitchen, in addition to being suitable for all types of decorations and simple surfaces.

Types of wall paints

Marbling paints:

As it is one of the most common paints used in stone fireplaces, columns, and decorations, it indicates luxury and sophistication, as it resembles marble stone and is very similar to natural stone, so that it is not possible to distinguish between them.


– While it is one of the distinctive paints, it is expensive.

- It gives a feeling of boredom if repeated, so it is preferable to have it in specific areas so that it does not lose its elegance and the beauty of its appearance.

Antique paints:

It is one of the paints that is used to give the appearance of old luxurious heritage while investing in the presence of old furniture and accessories.

It has several types, such as aging in the form of stone blocks (stone aging), as well as prominent paint to show curves of the walls, which are aged in a way that shows the elegance and luxury of the ancient heritage.

Types of wall paints

Velvet paint:

It is one of the paints that are placed in salons and reception rooms, giving a warm, velvety luster, and it comes in several distinctive colors.

How to choose distinctive and appropriate paint colors for your home

Choosing paint colors has become a difficult task today because there are different types and colors of paint. It is difficult to determine where to start when starting the stage of finishing and painting your home. Choosing the appropriate colors is the most important stage in finishing the house.

It can be said that the easiest way to choose the appropriate colors of paint is to choose the colors that you like. You can use your favorite color as a base color and then draw up a color scheme close to it that you will use in painting. Your favorite colors can be the perfect inspiration for your home colors.

In a previous article, we talked about the steps for painting work in buildings and homes, and we discussed in detail the steps for carrying out the painting work.

In this article, we will highlight how to choose paint colors and provide you with some tips that will help you choose the appropriate colors for home paint.

Ways to choose paint colors

Choosing house wall paints is not an easy matter, as there are methods that will help you choose paint colors for your home, or you can use a paint color catalogue. Here are some ways to choose the latest paint colors:

1- Defining spaces and choosing appropriate colors for small spaces

The first step in choosing paint colors is defining spaces. Since homes are spacious and open-plan, meaning that all rooms form one large area, they need colors appropriate to their space.

In large spaces, interior designs are defined and focal points are created. The smooth transition between large spaces must also be taken into account. It is possible to choose a color for one room and paint the adjacent space in two shades using shades of the same color.

As for small spaces, you should choose colors that make the spaces appear large. Perhaps the most important color suitable for small spaces is white. The white color gives more space to small spaces and makes them appear more open. Also, light colors such as white or the use of gray shades in paints create a feeling of familiarity, warmth and comfort.

“Light colors can open up a small space, while dark colors give the illusion of surfaces being closer than they are,” says Debbie Zamir.

2- Create a color scheme that matches the home furniture

After we have identified the spaces and chosen the basic colors appropriate for these spaces, now comes the turn of creating a color scheme that matches the home furniture. Let us now explain in simple steps how to create a color chart:

Start by selecting three colors. Your favorite color can be chosen as the basis for the color scheme that will be used. You can choose three sample strips for this color. Since each strip contains six colors, you will have from 15 to 18 suitable colors and approximately of these three colors can be used.

Choose one of the three colors to become the color of one wall, and the rest of the colors will be used in the upholstery and furniture.

Using the previous sample strips and the primary colors chosen as they are used in adjacent rooms, creating a harmonious set of colors for all rooms of the house.

Choose a fourth color that can be added to the previous colors, as it helps connect the spaces.

In the end, you have a color scheme that consists of a group of harmonious and interconnected colors to create an attractive visual effect from these colors.

3- Choose the appropriate colors for the special feeling of the rooms

The choice of colors affects a person's mood. Therefore, you must take into consideration the appropriate colors for the appropriate mood and feeling. Colors should also be chosen based on the use of each room. Example: The office needs to choose paint colors that give a feeling of work, activity and vitality. While bedrooms need paints that give a feeling of comfort and calm.

Warm colors such as daffodils, yellow, red and cranberry can be chosen for living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Green, sky blue and purple can also be used for bedrooms.

4- Choosing entrance paint colors

When starting the painting work, you must focus on the entrances. It is worth noting that choosing the colors of the entrances is one of the most difficult choices, as the entrances are the front of the house. As the guest may judge the beauty of your home from its entrance. Therefore, the best way to choose entrance paints is to choose the entrance color that is lighter or darker than the main wall color.

The highly transparent copper or bronze finish of the entrances gives a nice luster that enhances the architectural feature and adds beauty to the home. When choosing the colors of the entrances, especially the entrances to the rooms, you must take into consideration the consistency of the colors of the entrances with the colors of the rooms, because when the doors and entrances are opened, the colors of the rooms will appear.

5- Combining colors

The latest wall decor paint for homes and rooms is the use of two different colors in the same room. It is also possible to place furniture in a color completely different from the color of the walls, which will highlight the beauty of the furniture and make it distinctive. Especially beige shades of paint are the traditional colors in house painting works. But now bright and strange colors are used in paints, which are considered the latest paint colors in 2021. You can see the colors of wall paints in pictures from here.

Color marketing experts advise using soft colors such as beige to paint the basic walls and using a distinctive color to paint only one wall in bright and attractive colors to add a modern and aesthetic touch. The wall can also be made shiny by placing a distinctive fingerprint on it.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing paint colors

  1. Hesitation in choosing the right color and feeling afraid of not getting the right color. To overcome this fear, choose the color that you like and thus you will like all colors.
  2. Using a wide range of colors and placing a large amount of paint on the walls may give...Inappropriate colors and feeling bored or depressed when using a large amount of paint with many colors.
  3. Contrary to the previous point, applying a very small amount of paint may not give the appropriate colors and may not show the beauty of the paints.
  4. Speed in choosing colors may have a negative effect and the appropriate color may not be obtained. To overcome this problem, we recommend using a drawing easel on which to place the paint, wait for it to dry, and then see the color before choosing it.
  5. Failure to take into account the size of rooms and spaces, which leads to choosing inappropriate colors and thus will affect the beauty of the house and give a bad impression.

Tips for choosing paint colors

  • Use the 10-30-60 color theory to choose appropriate and harmonious colors.
  • Try to combine colors and use warm and cool colors together to give vitality and freshness to the home.
  • Be creative in choosing colors and choose bold colors to add distinctive and wonderful aesthetic touches to your home.
  • Choose the appropriate colors for the spaces, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, as using light colors in small spaces makes them appear larger and more comfortable.
  • Make sure to choose colors that suit the furniture, as a piece of furniture such as a pillow or rug can be a source of inspiration for choosing wall colors.
  • Use some websites, such as Pinterest, that help you choose the appropriate colors, as they provide you with pictures of furniture matching colors, pictures of color combinations, and others.
  • Take into account the type of rooms and their uses before choosing paint colors, as bedrooms need calm colors that give a feeling of calm and relaxation.