People who move away from the city and live elsewhere often express their longing for the land and greenery. As a result of combining the interior spaces of the buildings where people live and garden areas with environments such as winter gardens, people's needs are met in a way close to nature in all seasons. Winter gardens are an interior design that allows people to experience winter in summer and summer in winter. Types, purposes of use and designs of winter garden spaces are among the points to be considered. Winter gardens are generally known as indoor spaces built with various materials so that people can experience the garden environment and garden feeling in a way suitable for sitting in cold and open weather. The main purpose of winter gardens, rather than growing plants, is to create the feeling of being in the outdoor environment by keeping the indoor facilities and temperature of the environment inside. The sheltered gardens are known by names such as sunroom, greenhouse, conservatory and display case.

The materials used in the design of winter gardens generally allow natural light from outside to enter the interior, along with light-permeable, transparent roofs and walls. Sunlight has an important place for humans and plants. Winter gardens can be designed in various shapes, colors, purposes and materials, depending on the need and flexibility of use. The different shapes of winter gardens vary depending on the location. When designing winter gardens, there is a need to organize them according to the area to be designed. Buildings, including winter gardens, can be designed in different directions and locations. In order for the buildings to be located on the north, southeast and west facades, structures such as terraces and balconies are placed at the entrance of the building. When choosing a space for the winter garden, the level of light intake, the usability of the winter garden in a good way, its aesthetics, regular heat loss and illumination of the building are among the important factors.


It is among the important details, especially the design and design of winter gardens. Knowing your budget and wishes, you can list your needs and ensure the design of the winter garden appropriately. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to these issues before starting to build the structure. The design of winter gardens is among the details that need to be planned first. You need to plan in advance the size of the winter garden, the items to be placed in it and the colors to be chosen in the garden. People who want to have a winter garden should make plans about these issues before getting help from any expert, which will enable them to achieve more effective results. In order to set up winter gardens according to your own taste, you must first determine your wishes and needs. You can be informed about the costs by making a list of the furniture you will place inside beforehand. You can consult experts to continuously develop and activate the ideas you create yourself.

It is possible to build winter gardens on the balconies or gardens of apartments. Whichever method you choose that is suitable for you, renovations will definitely take place in both cases. When you get expert opinion in terms of design, different invoices will be issued for you. In this case, you need to plan the items that fit your budget in advance. If your house has a garden, you can build a winter garden in the garden of your house more easily. If your house is an apartment and you do not have the opportunity to garden, you can choose a balcony for the winter garden. Although the materials to be used for the construction of the winter garden change constantly, elements such as glass type, insulated walls and roof are generally used. One of the necessary conditions is that the walls to be used in external coverings do not have insulation. In order for the plants in the winter gardens to remain healthy, it is important to keep the air inside warm.


Before starting the renovation of the winter garden, you can definitely get help from experts. Models and designs come in different varieties and shapes. The models you choose should be compatible with the house and provide a more natural look to the winter garden. The materials you will use for winter gardens are mica, glass, nylon, steel and wood. You should definitely plan the material selections in your mind before choosing a model. The materials you choose should have a durable and solid structure that is suitable for cleaning. Since the walls of the winter garden will be made of glass material, you must make sure that the glass is foldable. Foldable glass models protect you and your plants from the cold in winter and cool you in the heat of the sun in summer. winter gardens mIt must be positioned in a place that receives a lot of sunlight. For plants to develop healthier, the temperature must be between 18 and 21 degrees.

You can adapt to the garden atmosphere by choosing furniture whose colors will match each other. The cushions, accessories and sculptures you choose for the garden will give the garden a more lively appearance. In terms of lighting, lighting should be chosen in accordance with the style of the garden and the light you choose should not tire the eyes. Among the plants you choose for the garden, flowering plants such as orchids, azaleas and violets will affect you in a completely positive way. When choosing plants, you should definitely consider the temperature of the garden and the sunbathing areas. The pots of the plants you choose should be different from each other. In this way, the pots appear more colorful and add a different atmosphere to the garden. The pots you can use, large or small, enliven the atmosphere of the garden, beautify the surroundings and harmonize with different items.


By creating a winter garden in your home, you can use it as a private area in your garden throughout the four seasons. Winter gardens, which are among the decoration models that are rising day by day, are among the important details that make you love the seasons. In general, in houses with gardens, the veranda or garden area, which is considered an extension of the house, is designed to be closed with windows that can be opened during the summer seasons. If you do not have a garden and your house is an apartment, you can make your balcony look like a winter garden by installing folding glass on it. Furniture selection doesn't have to be about the harmony of your home. When designing a garden model, it must be safe and thermally insulated. You can spend any time of the day in your winter garden with peace of mind. Whether the winter garden is larger or smaller is not an important detail in terms of appearance. Among the important details is being able to live in peace, alone with yourself and your loved ones, and have the feeling of a garden.

If your house does not have a garden, you can create such an environment on your balcony. If the environment of your home is suitable, armchairs from the living room are among the ideal ideas for winter gardens. You can work and enjoy as you wish in special areas colored with greenery. By lighting your garden, you can watch the snow falling in winter and get rid of the stress of the whole day. It is among the important details that the items you use for decoration purposes have an easy-to-clean structure. Correctly decorated winter gardens provide people with the opportunity to calm down. You can decorate the winter garden with colored lights, cushions, candles, lanterns, colored lights, vases and other hobby items. If the environment for the winter garden is suitable, you can design a shed independent of the house and create your own workspace in the shed without disturbing anyone.